Saturday, August 21, 2010

The New Version is Finally Here!

The next generation of the Compasss Universal Mail Client (Version 2.80.05) has finally been released. It has been a hardworking year since the last version was released and over 2 years since the very first release. I really do apologize it took so very long, but I wanted to ensure that the program was as close to perfect as possible, and I believe I have accomplished that goal. Over the past year I have been listening attentively to your feedback, and ideas to help make this version of the Compass Universal Mail Client the best version ever. I hope these new features will make the program more useful, friendly and intuitive.

-Custom E-mail Support-

The most requested feature has finally been implemented! The newest version of the Compass Universal Mail Clients allows you to use any two Internet e-mail providers of your choice along with the standard Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Live Mail. So now, virtually every single Internet based email program is compatible with the Compass Universal Mail Client.

-Master Password-

Now you can set a master password on the application so that only you, or people with the password, will be able to access the program. This should keep your settings and mail secure.

-Performance Improvements-

Performance has been vastly improved. Resource activation buttons let you use only the email accounts you need.

-Enhancements to The User Interface-

This version of the Compass Universal Mail Client features various user interface enhancements, such as a brand new icon set to help make the overall user experience better.

-And Many Bug Fixes!-

You can get the latest version right here. Please let me know what you think! Visit the Compass Soft support page to submit your feedback, because without a doubt, it is you (the users) who help make the Compass Universal Mail Client the best it can be.